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Model B050

The B050 roller press--the smallest yet on the market--has been designed specifically for research and small laboratory projects. It is an inexpensive, versatile and useful tool to provide data for improving the performance of existing compacting or briquetting operations or implementing new ones.


  • Separation of the process zone from the mechanical area of the equipment.
  • Product contact assemblies are all stainless steel, easily removable for quick setup changes, cleaning and sterilization.
  • Integrated mixing system allows small batch preparation followed by direct loading into the screw feeder.
  • Continuous display of all important process parameters with output to data acquisition system.
  • Multiple roll configurations available for briquetting or compacting applications.

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Model B050
Model B050

Machine Basic Technical Data:

Roll Diameter
100 [mm]
(3.9 [in])
Roll Speed
0 - 7.5 [rpm]
(0 - 7.5 [rpm])
Maximum Roll
Torque 2 x 380 [Nm]
(2 x 280 [lb. ft])
Maximum Roll Separating Force
50[kN] (13.2[kN/cm])
(5.6 [short t] 3.5 [t/inch])
Roll Width
(1.5 [in])
Feed Screw Speed
0 - 137[rpm]
(0 - 137[rpm])
Maximum Feed Screw Torque
(31 [lb. ft])
Mixer Speed
Maximum Briquet Size
34 x 18 x 12[mm]
(1.34 x 0.70 x 0.48 [in])
1 - 25 [kg/h]
(1 - 55 [lb/h])
Total power installed
1.5 [kW]
( 2 [HP])
Operating electrical power
220 V, 50/60 Hz single phase

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What's New
What's New

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