Typical Briquettes

Some typical shapes and sizes of briquettes and compacts that can be produced from ores, chemicals, plastics, solid fuels and metals with our two-roll machines. We will be pleased to advise you how your material can be formed into these or other shapes.

  1. Chromite screenings with 2 1/4% molasses and 2% Ca(OH)2
  2. Coke screenings with 8% coal tar pitch binder
  3. Coal dust collector pressed with pressure alone
  4. Sodium Chloride pressed with smooth rolls
  5. Polyethylene scrap pressed with corrugated rolls and diced
  6. Sodium Chloride pellets pressed at 100°C with pressure alone
  7. Composite ore and coke briquette
  8. Fluorite and lime pressed with pressure alone
  9. Hematite screenings with lime-molasses binder
  10. Minus 60 mesh coal pressed with pressure alone
  11. Lead ore and sand with lime-molasses binder
  12. Glass batch mix with 8% water
  13. Magnesium oxide pressed with pressure alone
  14. Chromite ore with lime-molasses binder
  15. Midrex reduced pellet screenings with 1 1/2% Sodium Silicate and 1% Ca(OH)2 as binder
  16. Nickel laterites with 10% water
  17. Thermally de-oiled brass turnings pressed with pressure alone
  18. Cast iron borings pressed at 650°C
  19. Nickel metal powder with .2% acrysol binder pressed into continuous trip
  20. Reduced iron screenings pressed into continuous strip with pressure alone

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Typical Briquettes
Typical Briquettes
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