Compacting Solutions

Compacting and Granulating Systems

When specifications call for an agglomerated product smaller than 8mm, it is generally made by first compacting the original material then crushing and screening it to recover the fraction having the desired mesh size.

The initial compacts can be conventional briquettes, stick-shaped briquettes or continuous flat or corrugated sheets. A particularly attractive flake-type granulated product is obtained when the thickness of the compacted sheet is substantially less than the mesh size of the product. Granulation then is required in only two directions.

Fertilizers and other products are compacted and granulated to prevent them from caking in bags or containers. Many pharmaceutical products, such as aspirin and antibiotics, are compacted in roll type machines and then granulated to produce free flowing, granular material from which tablets are made.

Compacting and Granulating Systems

Complete System Design

K.R. Komarek Inc. can advise or assist your company in the design of a complete briquetting or compacting system. In most all cases we can suggest or supply the important ancillary equipment related to the briquetting or compaction machine. Properly designed systems should take into account material flow, mixing, feeding, product handling and controls systems. Let the experience engineering staff at K.R. Komarek Inc help you with important design areas.

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